Ride the vibe
Habima Square

Stroll down to the end Rothschild blvd. to hang out with the locals. Grab a coffee or fresh juice on the way, pick your spot around the renovated complex, and enjoy the Tel Avivian vibe.

54.5°F / 12.5°C

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Sweetest Moments for the New Year

As this coming year marks Israel’s 70th year of Independence, we encourage you, your family, and friends, to indulge all your senses and discover the vibrant and delicious culture of Tel Aviv.

For us, this past year has been filled with fresh flavors, local ingredients, and (very) colorful cuisine. Here’s a little taste of our deliciously innovative culinary experiences– Celebrating a Year of Culinary Discoveries .

We wish you and your loved ones a very happy, healthy, and sweet New Year.